How Daily Routines Keep Your Home Secure


How Daily Routines Keep Your Home Secure

In order for you to keep your family and home secure, you must have security on the brain at all times.

In order to have security on the brain at all times, security must become a habit.

What better way to build a habit?  Develop A Routine.

Why Do I Need Security On The Brain?  

Because in the world we live in today, we can’t afford not to.  Criminals will strike when we least expect it.  They’re just waiting to catch you slipping and you can’t give them that opportunity.  You need to think “security” in every aspect of your life Home, Work, and Play.

I’m not talking about being paranoid and living in fear.  I’m talking about being consciously prepared.

I’ll touch base on Security Routines For Your Every Day Life outside of your home in a future post, but for now let’s talk about How Daily Routines Keep Your Home Secure.


Safety Habits To Develop

They Say “It takes 21 days to Form A Habit.”

If that’s true, then adding a daily routine that encompasses home security to your already established routines and following it for at least 21 days, is the sure fire way to program your brain to think security.

Here are a few great habits to have when it comes to home security.

Locking Doors & Windows

Okay you can call me “Captain Obvious” for this one, but you would be surprised how often many people doors unlocked behind them. In fact 30% of home burglaries the “perp” gained access through an unlocked Door or Window. So this is one habit that you definitely want to have. If you don’t leave the door unlocked when you use the restroom, don’t leave your house unlocked!

So get in the habit of locking your doors and windows.

Turning On Lights

Another really good habit to have is turning on the exterior lights at night, and a few interior lights as well. Our main goal is to stop the burglar at the street and leaving the lights on will make it appear that someone is home and forcing them to move on to easier prey.

So get in the habit of turning on lights.

Setting The Alarm

If you’ve spent your hard earned money on a home alarm, better darn well arm it!  A survey conducted by Nationwide revealed that 30% of homeowners admitted to leaving their alarm systems unarmed.  I am personally guilty of this.  Your alarm is useless unless it’s armed.

So get in the habit of arming your alarm system.

Locking Your Car

I call my car my second a home considering how much time I spend in my car. Locking your car also seems like a no-brainer, but it isn’t. I bet you can think of multiple times when you’ve left your car unlocked… I know that I can. Most automobile burglaries are from an unlocked car and the sad part is that most of the cars today have a remote controlled lock/alarm!

So get in the habit of locking your car.

Routine Tips

The two most important times for having a security routine are when you’re leaving and staying or coming and going for any period of time whether if it’s for a quick run to post office, or heading out on vacation.

Developing a routine that focuses on the above areas will ensure that you have most, if not all, of your bases covered.

Once you have your routine down, go through again and again religiously for a minimum of 3 weeks until it becomes a habit.

Here is an example of one of my routines.

My Nightly Lock-up Routine

Every night before bedtime, I start my nightly routine. This is how it goes…Check List

  • I head straight to the Front Door and double check all locks
  • I then work my way “Clockwise” around the inner perimeter of the house checking and locking all Windows as I go
  • I make my way to the back door and out to my back yard. I have a detached Garage which I check and lock
  • Head back in through the Back Door engaging all locks behind me
  • Make my way to the Sliding Glass Door, Lock it up then Drop the Security Bar
  • Then I check and lock all Bedroom Windows
  • I then set the Security Alarm system
  • Then lastly, I grab the car keys and Arm The Cars before heading to bed. 

This is my nightly routine and if I miss any part of it, I just can’t sleep until make sure that it’s completed.

Security is for everyone. Get the whole family involved.

Security is not just for the head of the household. It is for everyone residing in the home. It’s important to teach all members of your home about security and having them build their routines and habits around it.

My wife is now following my lead and now has her own routines for securing our home and I am currently teaching  my 4 year old daughter about security, the importance of it, and helping her build simple routines that she can do every day. 

When security is a part of everyone’s lives, then you all will reside peaceful and secure.

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Jim Banes


  1. These are some really good tips on how daily routines keep your house secure. They are just everyday occurrence but thanks for the refresher mate!

    • Hi Simon! Absolutely a refresher. These are definitely part of everyday life, so much so that they are often forgotten or overlooked.
      Happened to me a couple years ago. The one time that I forget to lock my car, someone broke in that night and stole my wife’s watch, some money, and trashed the inside.
      Since then locking the cars is part of my routine which came in play recently when a string of car break-ins happened on my block. I reviewed my surveillance cameras and saw the criminals check my car in the driveway! Luckily it was locked and nothing valuable in plain view so they moved on to the next car. It validated my routine for sure!

      Here’s to a Safe Life!

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